Information Technology Solutions

About iCore Media Limited

At iCore Media our philosophy is simple: we are 100% committed to ensuring that your IT functions always run smoothly. If you have a problem, we will find a way to sort it; quickly and without a fuss.

We have a wealth of experience in the industry, gleaned from more than 35 years of dealing with business computing challenges in all their many and varied manifestations; from Honeywell and Burroughs mini computers in the late 1970’s when virtually no application software existed so it had to be written from scratch using machine code or programming languages like COBOL or RPL, through the birth of the IBM PC with its MS-DOS operating system, followed by the Apple MAC with its revolutionary GUI and a mouse!


Then  the quantum leap offered by the introduction the first versions of Mr Gates’ Windows, Novell networking, acoustic couplers to attach to the end of your phone handset to transfer data by wire – at the phenomenal speed of 80 bits per second; then the advent of bulletin boards to download files; the invention of the WWW by a certain Mr Berners Lee; then the, at first, quaint concept of having your own website; email and the subsequent exponential / meteoric advances in computer technology, database engineering, online transactional systems, social media, etc, etc, that have followed over the last 15 years.

We were there; we’ve done it and got the T-shirt! and during these formative times we’ve helped many, many customers to tame the unpredictable animal which is IT.

Despite all these extraordinary inventions, the challenges continue unabated today and here, at iCore Media,  we  are still keeping on top of the myriad advances, changing equipment trends and technical developments – that seem to appear daily – to ensure that IT works in the most effective way possible for all of our customers.

Our principal skill sets and expertise are in the following IT sectors:

  • Business website development & hosting on dedicated servers or virtualised cloud devices;
  • Sourcing, bespoke building and ongoing maintenance of server, workstation hardware and mobile devices;
  • Database design and the development of secure online transaction and payment systems;
  • Data security and Offsite backup and archiving systems;
  • Automated access systems and CCTV surveillance;
  • Broadband, networking infrastructure and communications.

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