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iCore Media – CCTV Solutions

iCore Media has more than 20 years experience of installing and maintaining CCTV surveillance systems. Our 25+ years of expertise in networking technology and information technology is now more relevant than ever with today’s high resolution network IP cameras and NVRs.

We recommend, install and maintain globally renowned brands such as HikVision,  Geovision, Camsat, Hayden, Iiyama, Netgear, EnGenius, Sony and Toshiba who, between them, offer an extremely comprehensive range of CCTV & integrated security solutions, which are well-manufactured, reliable and backed by an innovative development and support teams.

We have over 15 years experience of installing and operating Geovision Surveillance, ANPR and Secure Access  Systems. GeoVision and HikVision have solutions for simple one or two camera situations, through to corporate or public sector installations requiring many hundreds of cameras with integrated door/gate access solutions using fingerprint or retinal authentication, ANPR, AI cameras and covert or remote control options using solar power and 4G mobile broadband .  Click below for more specific information on our CCTV solutions.

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