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Your Own Cloud Web Server ?

If you’re a web designer or business with a busy transactional website or you need to host multiple domains, you will almost certainly benefit from having your own fully-scalable, cloud-based VM Web Server.

You Could Host 200+ Customer sites 
This will allow you to host up to 200+ websites and have complete control over your hosting, database and email platform – but with a fully scalable environment so that you can start modestly and grow, plus the benefit of our management and hand-holding services 24×7, should you require them.

32-core Xeon  Power
Our virtual server hosts employ robust 32-core, 64-bit Xeon-powered host computers with 128 or 256 GBs of RAM and RAID 10 virtual storage to provide a lightning-fast, flexible and reliable hosting environment, using the simple, easy-to-configure, KVM hypervisor that’s perfect for small and medium-sized businesses who want to be free to run their own hosting business and leave the complicated maintenance and monitoring of the guest OS and underlying hardware to iCore Media. So let us take care of the complicated stuff. Our Certified Professionals are just a phone call away.
Having your own scalable VM server in the Cloud offers the following features and advantages:-

Server Features

  • An industry-standard LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) hosting platform – the most widely installed commercial hosting environment;
  • Simple WHM/Cpanel management interface for server and individual site admins, for easy creation & maintenance of hosting accounts;
  • Cloud Linux environment allowing customers to choose their own custom Mysql/PHP configuration with improved security;
  • Ability to create unlimited client and reseller hosting accounts for your customers;
  • Create unlimited hosting packages to suit all types of hosting requirement;
  • Ability to upgrade your server’s power by adding more cpu cores, memory and storage, as required, through KVM ;
  • Unlimited MYSQL databases and email accounts;
  • Domain parking and sub-domain creation;
  • Fully configurable bullet-proof ConfigServer firewall;
  • MailScanner email filtering and anti-spam;
  • Comprehensive site access stats and reporting functions;
  • Domain level bandwidth controls;
  • Simple account/site imports from other standard hosting platforms, making acquisition of new customers a simple, one-click process;
  • Automated system updates managed through Cpanel;
  • Automated backups;
  • Automated software installations & deployment for popular packages such as WordPress, osCommerce, AgoraCart, Coppermine Gallery, and other popular CMS and Bulletin Board systems.
  Our leading-edge server hardware ensures the fastest possible platform for your Cloud Apps.

Virtual host servers with 24 or 32 cpu cores allow us to provision the processing power you need for your Virtual Server

 150_linux_flavours2Our virtual host KVM servers can deploy the latest versions of Windows or Cloud Linux for your virtual server. Our data centre offers state-of-the-art facilities and guaranteed 99.99% uptime



Click HERE to watch Intel’s video on all the leading edge technology we employ in our data centre.